Venlo Glass Greenhouse Hydroponics Vegetable Production-PMV020

Glass Greenhouse

Greenhouse Parameters

About AX Glass Greenhouse

As we all know, Venlo greenhouse first appeared in the Netherlands. AX Greenhouse is constantly learning all over the world as it develops. Therefore, in 2005, we began to practice the Venlo greenhouse in China, a country with diverse natural environments. We have built greenhouses in Tibet, which is cold and snowy, in Xinjiang, which is hot and lacks water, and we have built greenhouses in the humid and sultry coastal areas. Therefore, we have accumulated a lot of data in more than 10 years. Data about the carrying data of the greenhouse and plants. On the premise of meeting planting needs. We have accumulated data on greenhouse structure. At the same time, under the control of the greenhouse environment, we have also accumulated plant growth data.

Optional Systems