Project overview

We made our customers' greenhouse dream come true in an impossible area through 4 months’ hard working
In this barren land,nothing grows but weeds.
Neither water nor the nutrients needed by plants could be provided by this poor land. The lack of rain and high temperature make it very difficult to grow vegetables here.
No power, no water, no road,we built a tomato greenhouse in the desert.
The first step, we have to level the ground and have the electricity, water and communications connected at the same time.
We assist customers to communicate with the local power department, water supply department and communication department, and provide a hydropower communication demand table, which basically guarantees the construction of the project.

We completed the construction of the greenhouse structure in three months and in the fourth month, we completed the installation of all internal facilities.
Next, we determine the foundation to be excavated to ensure that the construction of the greenhouse meets the design requirements.
Tie the steel bars, pour the concrete, and complete the foundation construction and backfill after passing the inspection
After curing the concrete, we start install the main columns,the arches,the drains,the ventilation,the fans and all remaining greenhouse parts.Step by step, we turn the greenhouse from drawings into reality.
Technical clarification, incoming inspection, and supervision by the supervisory unit are all essential in every process.

During the entire construction process, we used 7 types of vehicles such as excavators, bulldozers, trucks, Crane truck,and concrete trucks.Hot dip galvanized steel structures and dozens of self-development connectors to be used to ensure the safety, efficiency and stability of the greenhouse.
All the environmental factors required for tomato growth is ready.
The only thing the customer needs to do is to plan tomato seedlings, irrigate the tomatoes, adjust the greenhouse, and wait for the tomatoes to mature according to the plan.
We know greenhouse, which makes us know plants.
Any questions about greenhouse plants are welcome.Any questions about the greenhouse can be answered here.
This is the guarantee of company engaged in the greenhouse industry for more than 20 years.