Mushroom multi-span greenhouse full light dep system with shelf-PBMD002

Blackout Greenhouse(Light Deprivation Greenhouse)

Greenhouse Parameters

About AX Blackout Greenhouse

Blackout greenhouses, on the basis of traditional greenhouses, highlight a classification of greenhouse light deprivation functions. On the basis of tunnel greenhouse, PC greenhouse and glass greenhouse, adding a internal shading system is the simplest blackout greenhouse. For example, the covering material of the tunnel greenhouse is changed to black film, which becomes a blackout greenhouse. The advantage of this greenhouse is that the cost is very low, but the disadvantage is that it cannot avoid rain when ventilation or natural light is needed. Therefore, in order to make the function of the greenhouse more perfect. Blackout greenhouse is the main method of adding internal shading system to the greenhouse. At the same time, we will also add grow light system, heating system, ventilation and cooling system, carbon dioxide generator, air circulation system, etc., In order to make the plant growth environment more controllable. On the premise of meeting planting needs. We have accumulated data on greenhouse structure. At the same time, under the control of the greenhouse environment, we have also accumulated plant growth data.  

Optional Systems

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