Industrial exhaust fan large air volume for factory/greenhouse/breeding used

Performance Characteristics:
  1. Frame material is made of thick galvanized sheet with strong corrosion resistance:frame is made by CNC machine tools,advanced techology,high precision;
  2. The hub includes high strength Aluminum Alloy,cast steel two kinds;new twist stamping blades.
  3. Reasonable angle  of leaf type can make the air flow to the best level.
  4. The iron-collector,glass steel collector(two),the safety net is convenient to disassemble,CAD optimmization design.
  5. Special motor-high performance 380v three.
Advantages: 1.Large displacement 2.efficient 3.Low operating volume smoothly 5.Energy saving 6.preservative 7.Anti-aging 8.Superb workmanship 9.Thickened sheet 10.Wide range of applications

Exhaust Fan Detailed Images

a.The frame adopts automactic advanced processing technology,thick galvanized plate,excellent corrosion resistance. b.High-strength cast steel casting wheel ensure its long service life. c.The new stamping twisted blades,the blade angle can make reasonable aor flow to the best level. d.Low investment and low energy consumption. With the same cooling rate, the one-time investment is about one sixth of the air conditioner, and the operating cost is about one tenth of the air conditioner; d.The cooling effect is remarkable, and the temperature can be reduced to about 28 degrees, which is consistent with the temperature of the human body. If the water from the well is used as the source of the water tank, the effect is better and can be compared with the effect of air conditioning; e.The air is fresh and moist, and the air cleanliness can reach 99%.

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